Android 12 is on its way

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Android 12 is on its way

Google released Android 12 Beta 1 and it's now available for development, testing, and feedback! Try it today on Pixel or an eligible device from our device-maker partners.

In Google I/O they announced the new design for Android 12 called "Material You", It's the next version of Material Design and gone be launched soon. It will bring a major design change from designed widgets to apps. It will be coming to Pixel phones and some other eligible devices first. The beta for Android 12 will be available from today for Pixel, OnePlus and Xiaomi devices, according to Google. Wear OS will be teaming up with Samsung’s Tizen it seems to create a new platform: Wear.

However, it looks like the official Android 12 Beta 1 Generic System Image (GSI) packages are already available for download!

Here's everything we've learned about Android 12

Material You, I am very excited about it.

The phone’s design can adapt to its user’s preferences. Any app, even those not from Google will be able to blend its design and stay in sync with the new visuals. Users can set their color scheme preference and apps will be able to adapt that pattern. Material You will allow users to select more than just light and dark themes.

Check out the short video below for a closer look.

A new lock screen, New widgets, and also new colors are coming to the platform. Colour Extraction allows users to choose a theme color based on the wallpapers they set, figuring out dominant and accent colors on their own. These colors are then applied across the notification shade, lock screen, volume controls, new widgets, and many other parts of the OS.

blue widgets.png

There will also be other fluid motions and animations across the UI. The new design will give you feel the device as when you press the power button the animation start from there or when you double tab the animation will start from the point where you double-tapped. Every tap, scroll, or swipe has a new feel to make it look alive. Various interactions have been redesigned.

The quick setting panel also got a new design with larger rectangular shaped toggles. The notification shade is greatly simplified with just four quick settings by default. There are eight when expanded with new tiles for Google Pay and smart home devices. The new design will be 22% faster than the last one. And for triggering Google Assistant now you can long-press power button.

When you have a notification on your app the clock will be small whereas if there is no notification then the clock will be big so you know when you’re all caught up. Dynamic lighting on the lock screen shows a new animation that depicts how you unlock the device and more context.

Customizable Launch animation

Now every app can add simple and start launch animation to make the app launch awesome and more intuitive.



Google always works for privacy and security. A new Privacy dashboard will let you know how every app will use your data. Manage permission setting will be your one-stop to make sure the permission is in your hand. Now you also have Bluetooth permission as well to make sure you don't need to share location for small tasks.


There is also a new indicator on the top left that lets you easily know when an app is accessing the camera or the microphone.

Private Compute Core

It will keep your information private for several AI-driven features, like Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply. The Private Compute Core will be a safe partition within the operating system, similar to the ones used for password and biometric data, for machine learning features. Having a separate partition for the data will make it easier for the operating system to keep it safe, while still keeping it available for system-level functions. This means that sensitive audio and language processing for the features mentioned above will happen exclusively on your device, “isolate from the network to preserve your privacy.”

Android 12 will act as a central hub for all these smart devices, and users’ cars via Android Auto and Digital Car Key that allows you to connect to your car and unlock it using the NFC on your phone.

Try out Android 12 today

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